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Response Rate

 A special 'THANKS!' to the more than 44,900 Kentucky educators (89%) who took the time to complete the 2015 TELL Kentucky Survey! Your voice will now be shared as state, district, and school-level results and be a part of school improvment plans.

  • Results will be available on this website in approximately 5 weeks- please check back soon for the details!

The TELL Kentucky Survey provides educators with data, tools and direct support to facilitate school improvement. Watch a brief video about the TELL Kentucky Initiative by clicking on the picture below.

A host of stakeholder groups representing teachers, superintendents, community and business (known as the TELL Kentucky Partners) collaboratively work with the New Teacher Center (NTSC) to conduct the TELL survey since 2011. Please visit the various tabs on this website to read about the TELL Kentucky Initiative.

NTC is a nonpartisan group with a mission to support the development of an effective, dedicated and inspired teaching force. NTC also has vast experience conducting similar surveys across the country. For more information about NTC’s work across the country with TELL surveys, please click here.